From Miami to Disney (or Disney to Miami?)

I just realized that I have not one but possibly two work conferences in Miami next year (one in early March; the other in early October.)

Obviously, if I’m going to be in Florida and if my company is paying for me to get to the state, I should do a side trip to Disney while I’m in the area. I was curious if others have done a Miami to Disney trip and how you managed transportation.

My company will not care if I fly into Orlando or Miami (or fly into one and out the other), so I’ll have all options on the table. I may also need to rent a car for one of the trips and I’m not adverse to driving either (though I probably wouldn’t use a car while I’m in the Disney bubble).

If you have done a Miami / Orlando trip, what worked for you?

We do this all the time, fly into one and out the other and drive in between. The drive is ok one way, we’ve done back and forth too but thats a bit exhausting imo.

You could pick up or drop of your rental within WDW (I recall Alamo and National have offices at the rental car center) and use disney transportation, or use a rental location near WDW and then use a shuttle, uber etc. to get to/from the resort.

Which way to do it, is of course up to your preference, but I would start with checking possible dates before and after your trip. Is one or the other more busy in terms of crowds and hotel availability etc.