Frivolous question (you’ve been warned)

For kid 3 and 4 I wore the thigh ones and then was chewed out by vascular who made me go back to full length. Oops.
They were soooo miserable.
I’d blocked this all out this seeing this thread!

I have worn knee high compression hose everytime I have been in the parks (FL and CA). I get edema, and they help a lot. Plus they keep my legs from being achy at the end of the day

Note on blisters - the hose have a rough texture and seam at some place. The seam has been known to cause a blister and if I am at Disney for an entire week (plus wearing them on flights to and from) I find I need to use body glide the protect the bottom of my feet.

Socks vs stockings. There are compressions socks (often the super cute patterned ones) and compression stockings (white, black, or tan that look like tights). The socks are cute, but I find that the modern day stockings are often lighter weight and cooler in the heat. The pre 2010 stockings were aweful. The new ones have some great materials and are pretty sheer especially at the lower compression ranges. So then it bcomes like the difference between waering a knee high tight or a thickish knee high sock. The sock is cuter, the tight is cooler.

In July, because of the radiant heat, I still wear long, flowy pants, with the stockings. It is hot. But I have no regrets.

Haha - I only had one kid, but the thigh highs were so bad I prefered the full length! But I would cheat with knee highs. I threw those full monstrosities away recently (found them in a drawer).

I was born with a huge lipoma in one calf that used to cause the muscle to swell and then crush the deep vein and nerve. So even super fit in my 20’s I had a single thigh high compression hose measured perfectly to my left leg. That one was awesome. Never budged. But also cost several 100 dollars. Now Amazon is my friend!

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Do you have good running shoes? I would go to a running store and get fitted for good shoes. Plan to spend $150 or so but they are worth every penny. Also buy good running socks. I love Feetures but Boma are good as well. Good shoes and good socks make a huge difference. The Feetures I wear are seamless.


I wouldn’t worry about what I looked like, And the ones you posted are cute!

Whatever makes your vacation —- go for it!

I’ll def be the one in crocs in socks in Disney this year so. Do what’s best for you!


No, I am trying to prevent muscle soreness/swelling. The blisters were nothing in comparison.

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This is part of what I was getting at. If it’s blister prevention vs lower limb and foot edema, it’s whole other conversation including the importance of the right socks

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I’d say it’s both!

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All of this.


In my 20s I developed recurring foot pain. Turns out that I have fallen arches and need orthotics. I wish I had visited a podiatrist much sooner than I did! As long as I use the orthotics consistently I completely avoid the pain. (I mourn my narrow boots, trendy little shoes, strappy sandals and flip flops, but lack of pain is so worth it.) Anyways, I always recommend considering a visit to a podiatrist if one has foot pain. They know feet and may be able to offer a definitive solution rather than wading though different options via trial and error. Good luck!



So, if your choice is hot and miserable or achy, tired, swollen legs and miserable, I’ll take hot and miserable every time.

But that wasn’t a choice I don’t think. :blush:


So true. Learned this years ago - the hard way - while hiking in Colorado, maybe decade out of high school. Learned a lot about proper footwear and socks.

Apparently Chuck Taylors only work for hiking if you’re young and hmm . . . Skinny ? Oblivious? Silly?



I said no way because of the heat. But I will say, that I have ones that only cover from the top of the calf to ankle. If you’re going to wear them and you want the option to wear sandals, I got them on amazon.

My feet are killing me from the past two days. My PF has kicked in hard core on one of my feet and I feel like I’m walking on marbles half the time. Just invested in a pair of OOFOS recover sandals. Hoping that will help!

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Any specific recommendations? I have to admit, never really put much thought into.

I wear Feetures. They are $12-$14 a pair and so worth it. Bomas are good socks as well.

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