Friendship Boats?

I had heard that the Friendship Boats limited in operations due to some construction work. Does this mean that we will not be able to hop from Epcot to HS next week via the International Gateway on the boat? What would be the easiest/fasted route (besides walking-we have my older parents with us) to get from the countries in Epcot to HS? Would we just have to go all the way back to the busses at Epcot’s entrance?

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Walking back to the Epcot bus depot, will be almost as long as walking to HS. Shorter walk to either BW or BC, for bus to HS or a Lyft.



Walking from International Gateway -> Board Walk -> Hollywood Studios = roughly 15-17 minutes total, faster if you can really move.

Time from International Gateway to Monorail/Bus Depot = 10 minutes (if you’re really hauling), but then waiting for transport could be anywhere from immediate to 20 minutes additional minutes.

Factor in actual transport time and the walk still wins.

The work has been extended into June, with no end date announced.

Agree with @stuckinbmode if walking is not an option.

Can anyone speak to the availability and wisdom of taking the friendship boat from Morocco to the Futureworld Plaza?

I saw them but didn’t use them. Unless you time it just right and don’t have to wait for a boat, seems more efficient to just walk and take in the atmosphere on the walk itself, barring if anyone had mobility issues of course.

I used once when my partner came with me.
( think he was afraid of all the walking!:rofl:)
I now go by myself…and don’t use them. #imalsoanewyorkersoiwalk


Just wanted to update as we are back from our trip! We ended up walking from the International Gateway to Beach Club and bussed to HS from there. It was pretty quick-the HS bus was there when we arrived at the BC bus stop. We didn’t walk the whole way since my parents have some mobility issues.

It may be a good option for those who find themselves at IG and need to hop to another park to use this option–it was perfect for us.

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