Friendship Boat inside Epcot

With the updated hours, I’m now really planning for our trip. So excited! I told the kids they have to be really careful for the next two weeks.

So, can anyone tell me about the friendship boats inside Epcot? When do they run? Where are the pickup & dropoff spots?

If I make a TP with them, it says they’re open 11 - 7:30, but it messes up the times. (NA for everything after). Does that mean they’re not running?

I didn’t think they were running inside Epcot. But the ones outside that go from HS, the resorts and EP are running.

Pre Covid, they did operate 11-7:30(when they started preparing for Illuminations).

Are you talking about these boats. I’ve seen them running during the day. Anyone else? @galuchies @Randall1028

Why do the kids have to be careful?

Probably to not get Covid before the trip?

Yep, not to get covid. They’re going to school and playing hockey, still. I just want them to stay masked and away from other people.
Thanks @ppehap . Morocco to Canada is what you’ve seen? That would be great!




That makes total sense. I was reading her talking about making the touring plans and was so confused.

Friday cocktails and all.


Yes, I believe so. I know I missed it once and walked instead. I don’t know how all the “new water obstacles” are going to impact those routes though?

Yes I can confirm they have been running. Not sure what the hours are though.

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