Friends/Family list coming up on FP choices

We are traveling with my husband’s family to Disney. My MIL wants us to be conncted on Friends&Family list so we can share photos, so I unclicked the “sharing plans” button so it would just be for Memory Maker. However, I just want to make a time change on an upcoming FastPass and her name shoes up. Not an issue right now - but when I am trying to quickly get new FP’s in the park for just my immediate family it will be an annoyance to have to click certain names and not all. Any way of getting her name off the list? Or should I unfriend her and can we connect post trip so we can still share Memory Maker?

I might be wrong, because I haven’t tested it, but my thought is that she needs to unclick it on her end. You aren’t sharing plans with her, but it seems she may be sharing with you?

The other possible scenario I can think of is if you have common fastpasses booked together. In that case it may be showing you “shared plans”