Friend from Florida Coming with us for a few days to the Parks

Okay, my family is planning a trip to Disney in December. I have a brother who lives in Florida who is going to come for 2 of the 6 days we will be at the park. He is going to stay with us, we have a 1 bedroom suite so we have room but weren’t going to officially tell Disney about it since my assumption is they would either charge us more or wouldn’t let us do that without making him “stay with us” on the books, all the nights we would have the room. Is there any way to link his park ticket for the 2 days we will be there so we can have fast passes that match or will he have to just book his separately and do his best to get the ones we have?


Just link his MDE account to you as a friend - the settings will let you choose how much you have access to one another. You’ll be able to coordinate FPs. That’s what I did with my mom. She’s only coming for 2 days, so we can’t have her as part of our reservation since she would have to have the same tickets and DP as us. We will let the resort know when she’s there, though- I think there may be a $25 or so “day guest” charge, but at least her band will get her in and out of the room if needed and she’ll be legal to enjoy the pool with us.