Fridge size at Poly

Do you think 2 half gallons of milk will fit? That’s the only thing we’d be putting in the fridge. Thanks!

I’m pretty sure we had 2 (1/2 gallons) of milk and plenty of other things in the fridge including our leftover meals, yogurts etc. Just needed to rearrange the shelf in the fridge or take it out altogether. We stayed at the Poly in one of the vacation club studios.


The fridge is a large dorm sized fridge. Similar to this

Thanks everyone!

Do the refrigerators actually keep things cold? I’ve found that so many hotel mini-refrigerators barely keep things cool. That’s fine for water and other drinks, but I worry when it comes to perishable items like cream cheese, milk and lunch meats and then I end up filling up Ziploc bags with ice. Yes. I’m a worrier.

yes! Done this many times…not at poly but all the mini refrigerators are same size

I still have a dorm sized refrigerator from when boys were in college…maybe I should have it shipped to disney :wink: Now the DS’s use it for a beer refrigerator. Truth be told they probably did in college too

You are right, the fridge doesn’t seem very cold. We couldn’t find a way to adjust it either. So far the milk hasn’t made up sick, so I guess it’s OK? LOL. But we did fit 2 half gallon so milk, 12 water bottles, cream cheese, and barely took up half the space.