Fridge at Contemporary

Planning a trip in October and we will be at the Contemporary in the Garden Wing. Looking for information on the fridge size. Could I fit a half gallon of milk, deli meat etc.? I am looking at possibly ordering some things from garden grocer but not sure how much cold stuff I could actually get to fit in the fridge…

This is just general advice based on experiences at several other resorts. Those little refrigerators are unpredictable.

We’re had ones that worked ok, but needed to be cranked to the highest setting to keep things cool. The last one we had froze a full half gallon of milk when it was set at the lowest setting. It never thawed. We had a few leftovers in there too and they were a loss.

So, I’d recommend not banking too much on the refrigerator. I wasn’t too pleased about the milk situation. If I had filled it with deli meats, possibly $$ worth, I would have been really not pleased.

In the end, unless you are staying in a villa with a real refrigerator, you’re not going to save a ton of money by avoiding the quick services at the hotel. The full kitchen set up allows for actual meal preparation whereas the hotel rooms are better for a quick snack/light breakfast prep.

Just stayed in the Garden wing in May, and the fridge is much better than what you get at the moderate and value resorts. It was a real fridge, and worked wonderfully. Plenty of room for 2 half gallons of milk plus multiple shelves for your deli meat and other food.