Friday Afternoon in World Showcase During Food & Wine

We’re traveling during Food & Wine, and our only options for doing Epcot are either Friday or Saturday. Given those choices, we’re doing Epcot on Friday. What time does the World Showcase start to fill up on a Friday afternoon for Food & Wine? If we finish in the front by 2:30 are we already going to be pushing our way through huge crowds of people at the booths? Basically, I’m wondering if it might make sense to do Future World from RD to 11am, head back to the World Showcase right when it opens, then return to the front to grab any rides we may have missed. Is that a better option to avoid the worst of the Food & Wine crowds?

Basically, if you had to choose between being in the World Showcase from 12-5 or 3-8 on a Friday during Food & Wine, which would you pick?

12-5 for sure.

The earlier the better, especially on the weekend (I would count Friday as part of the weekend- but not nearly as crazy as Saturday).

Thanks, @lgorgone and @PrincipalTinker. That’s what I suspected, but I’m traveling with people who are super-resistant to “having to come back for things later,” so I wanted backup when I insist that we head to the back before finishing every single ride up front (which is what they would do if left to their own devices).

How bad should I expect the crowds to be? Are people mostly clustered close to the lagoon, or do the “interiors” of the pavilions get packed as well? I’m trying to mentally prepare. I’ve been to WDW multiple times, but never during Food & Wine.

Earlier in the day if you want to try the kiosks will be easier. The kiosks line the walkways and the lines can get rather long . Add to that people walking around, looking for a curb to sit on to eat- it can be challenging to navigate . I have found though if you want to go through the pavilions, it has not been too bad .

While the lines for food have been somewhat long (though I don’t think I’ve ever waited more then 5-7 minutes), the biggest problem I’ve had with weekends at the food & wine festival has been with crazy long lines for the ladies’ rooms. There just aren’t enough to serve the bigger crowds, and that’s also the only time I’ve ever gone into a WDW ladies’ room and found no TP in any stall!