Friday 24th august 2018 = Halloween?

Hi, I’m know I’m forward planning but my MK day on the 24th is showing as park closing at 7pm. When I click on add attractions, I have options for Halloween parades etc. Is it likely that Halloween parties start that early? I actually hope not as it’s our last night and I really wanted to stay to see the fireworks (I’m not wanting to buy yet more tickets if it is a party night). Halloween in August sounds bonkers!

I wouldn’t think it would start quite that early. We did one of the first parties this year on the Friday of Labor Day. Next year that would be 8/31.

It’s possible though. I mean, before we know it we’ll celebrate MVMCP on Halloween just to be safe!


Thanks for the reply. I’ve just done a dummy plan for that date and its showing as EMH 8-9am and MNSSHP 7-12pm. Pity as it a CL4 day for MK, the lowest of our trip!

How do I go about finding out if this is correct or a glitch?

I think you just have to wait until it gets closer and MNSSHP dates are released. Sorry.

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Also, party days do tend to be low crowd days. Those not going to the party sometimes don’t want their MK day cut “short”, those going often don’t go until party time opens.

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OK, thanks for your help, maybe I’m being just a bit too keen lol

This year (2017), the first night was Friday, Aug 25. Dates were released Apr 6. I think TP is right to suspect the 24th could be the first night, but we’ll just have to wait a few months until dates are released to really know for sure.


The parties are turning into cash cows for Disney so they keep adding more and more dates. But I noticed something interesting… Typically somewhere in the range 8-12 parties sell out, and this year, as far as I know, only 3 sold out. Is this because it’s offered on more nights? Or have they increased the number of tickets per night? Or did the jacked up prices finally cause people to just say no?


Did you notice that now the parks are closing at 6pm on party nights. It did that for us almost two weeks ago. We were going to the party.

I just noticed this about my trip last night! We’re going early September, so it didn’t occur to me that Halloween would already be running. I think the kids will really like the party, so we’ll buy tickets for this too probably. I’m a little sad that it won’t be the normal “Disney World”. Last time I was there was for the 25th anniversary and the castle was transformed into a candy castle. I was looking forward to a regular Disney experience. I’m trying to find a day during our trip where HEA will be running so we can hop there one extra night, since MK day two is a close early day also (in our plans based on crowd levels). It’ll be cool to be there for a special event I supposed, so I’m over it. :wink: