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I feel like there should be frequent links section or something… Something like bog link, ring tone links, dining calculator, etc… Just an idea


If you can edit your Topic title, you can make your post the place for awesome trip related links. Just like the threads on Chat where everyone shares their most useful. =)

Ringtone link. FYI, it does sometimes give “server can’t be found” errors but will usually come back up within a few days.

Courtesy of @A_Pirates_Life.

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This link can be used to find available ADRs.

BOG FPP (lunch only).

Is the dining plan a good deal for you? Find out using this calculator from @NotThatKevinSmith.!dining-plan-calculator/cxc0

Tips for TSMM.

How to defeat your friends/family at Buzz’s Space Ranger Spin.

I thought this video was really helpful for Buzz.

Buzz Lightyear Space Ranger Spin Video Tutorial

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This post from a Liner from before my time has links to practically anything you can think of. Seriously.

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Thanks @daisykingdom91 and @emmyannttu

Thanks for the links. Grandpax’s links are great and I’ve used them many times.

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You will never forget something if you use the ultimate packing list.

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Fairygod mailer.

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Thanks for posting this @daisykingdom91! I was looking for this.

Everything you wanted to know about renting DVC points
[shameless plug]

I just added Helpful Links Disney World and Helpful Links to Disneyland. The reason I started the Link page was to help Liners when no one was around to answer their questions. I hope no one is upset that I added a separate thingy for them. If you don’t like it I will remove them.

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I’m not even sure if it’s allowed on here.

If anyone knows how to download the ringtones to a Galaxy S5, please let me know! Haven’t been able to do anything but play them since I switched phones. =(

Leave them. I’very shared your link more than once on Chat. =)

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