French Quarter

So I would absolutely LOVE to stay at the French Quarter later this year as it is my FAVORITE moderate. I know no one has a crystal ball, but anyone know or have a hunch that they may reopen this resort this year or wait until sometime next year?


I want to book it for next year and keep checking! My feeling is that it won’t open until next year. Based on nothing.

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I saw a recent vlog that basically made the argument for it being about the last to open. The resorts that already have some use would fully open first - where there are DVC rooms but the non-DVC hasn’t opened yet. Coupled with still maintaining a reduced capacity - not looking at a huge demand for rooms yet. So unfortunately I think that Port Orleans may be the last to open.
I was planning on doing a cash stay (I’m DVC ) at POFQ when it opens, it’s on my short list of want to stay at. Going to do Pop Century in Nov 2021 in the meantime.

There has been no opening date released as of yet. I would think if they thought they could have it open by 10/1 they’d have announced that by now. If not open by 10/1 I wouldn’t expect it until sometime in the new year.


The POR/POFQ resorts would require even more buses, which they are tying up now for servicing everything else that is open. I, personally, doubt they will open it back up until they can stop social distancing on the buses and hence be able to accommodate more people in the transportation system without requiring more buses and drivers.

But, that is entirely conjecture on my part.


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