"Freestyle" Fishing

My son(21) loves to fish (he spends the summer in Key West/Dry Tortugas), we will do a guided fishing trip, but is there any where on property he can drop the line when ever he feels like it? He does have a FL fishing license. De does not travel with out a rod or yoyo.
He’s seen hundreds of videos of guys fishing w/o a boat, but it seems like in most 70-80% they get asked(nicely) to stop fishing-I get that there might be a good reason(like a gator, injuries etc). Just wondering if it is ok anywhere. Thanks

The only thing I see mentioned at this link is dockside fishing at POR. It seems like I’ve heard of other places as well, but I don’t recall. I’m guessing for safety, they want people on a dock or pier.


If there are any fountains/aerators in the bodies of water, they quite likely prohibit fishing because the lines tend to jam up the workings.

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Can you still fish at FW?