Free wand with gift card purchase?

I was watching Rix Flix last night, and Rick mentioned a deal where you buy $250 worth of gift cards and get a free wand. This sounds like a great deal for my family, as we will spend more than $250 in the park, and intend on buying at least two wands. I can’t find any information about the deal though. The sign he showed simply said “ask a team member for more info.” I’m assuming this means we have to be in the parks to get this deal.

Anyone know anything about it? In particular, how long will it last, and is the free wand an interactive wand?

I saw the same RixFlix video. I would be interested except that I think it was a merchandise card not just a UOR gift card. Not sure it is worth it then because we won’t be spending $250 on merch.

They had a similar deal when we were there in August and I think you have to buy it in person.

I don’t believe so. Says the wand is a $49 value, which is less than the interactive wands, right? (Can’t recall.). Back in August, the free wand was chosen for you…you couldn’t choose your own. Not sure if that is the case now.

ahhh, got it. That does make the deal much less valuable. Thanks for the answers!

Went to his video and screen shot the sign… definitely a merch card, so can’t be used for food. And it says SELECT non interactive wands. So you might have a choice of a few? Probably not the more popular ones.

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Thank you! I couldn’t read the small print when I tried to pause it, and my brain didn’t even differentiate between merchandise card and gift card. It’s a lot less enticing now, but maybe something to keep in mind if we get there and the kids want all the things anyway. Might as well get a free wand out of it too…

You can get wands that have a led tip or not for $16. Why pay more? Amazon and Ebay.

Interactive wands are not an LED tip. They are a reflective tip.

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I haven’t done this particular deal, but have done similar where received a free wand with purchases, and can confirm it is not an interactive wand. I think whether the wand is chosen for you or you get to choose from a handful of wand options just depends on the stock available that day.

You know Amazon and Ebay have Harry Potter wands as well as the rest of the characters from the movies. They are anywhere from $12 to $20, depending on if it has a LED tip or not. No interactive wands but then again they are not $50 either. In reality the interactive wands don’t do much except make a few window items move and many time you have a hard time getting them to work.

I had two problems with mine (which I ended up giving away to a random kid). First, I could never get the magic to work. Second, I couldn’t suspend disbelief: I was really doing nothing more magical than turning on a switch or using a remote control.

I totally get this. But DD18 said the spells with her wand were the highlight of the trip for her. She also loved the Olivanders ceremony as cheesy as it was.


Yeah. That didn’t really work for me, either.

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Hey, wizards get years of schooling to learn wand work!! I’m impressed with any Muggle who can make a brand new wand do anything!! :wink::laughing:


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We were able to get the wand to do all but one of the spells…and the one that didn’t work I think may have simply not been working. Another one we had trouble with because of where the sun was, but a different time of day it worked fine.

A big mistake people seemed to be making is trying to make the movements too large. You actually need to keep them fairly small.


for $50 you can make them however you want. :rofl:

I’m fairly sure his parents thought I was a paedo. I mean some solo, middle-aged guy comes up to your kid and says, “hey, kid, do you want a free wand?” what would you think?

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tell you what, I have done it with other things. Of coarse my wife was with me so I didn’t like a possible molester. :woozy_face:

That’s too bad. Running through Diagon Alley in my robes casting spells is one of my favorite parts of any trip! And it’s even better now that I’ve done it enough that I can help frustrated parents when they can’t figure out how to help their kids make it work. The look of total relief and the huge smile they give me after I help their kids out makes it worth the $50. :heart: