Free time

How much free time do you usually have in a plan? Not planned breaks, I’m talking the free time column between rides, breaks, etc. Right now I have almost none in any of my plans but I wonder if I’m overscheduling.

I plan for zero but keep in mind what I will drop if we’re running behind.

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Mine always show zero as well. No issues since I set walking speed to very slow but I have tweens/teens so they don’t get distracted or need to use the bathroom very often. Or complain they need a snack every 10 minutes, or say their feet hurt. :smile: Your mileage may vary.

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I don’t typically have a lot of free (unscheduled) time. Less than an hour in most cases.

I don’t ususally have any free time either, I just realize that I may have to drop some things during the day. I usually have a least one thing in the morning and one thing late afternoon that I know I can skip if I have to.

My free time column had mostly zeros for my recent trip, but I had time for everything. I did put in a little more time than I thought I’d need for meals and breaks, so if I had gotten behind, I think I would have made up the time there.

Thanks everyone. I started to doubt myself but you are all reassuring

Also glad to read this as I have almost no free time in my plans eith5and was concerned I might be over scheduling.