Free time on TP

I have optimized a touring plan multiple times, however it still has a 130 min free time at a ride, when there are plenty of other steps in the plan later. Why would it not use the free time? I have riser swap being used at this step, and there is a rest next step. But the rest is flexible up to 60 min. Is there something I should change to make it use the time, or is my rider swap messing it up?

The TP will arrange your attractions to minimize your wait times during the course of your whole park day. You must not have enough attractions to fill your time. Either add additional attractions or shorten your park hours and your free time will decrease.


I didnt think about the fact that everything fit. LOL. Normally I have such a jammed packed wish list of touring I start weeding out attractions when I see they don’t all fit in the plan. COVID changes to attractions and meet and greets have left a large hole in what would be my normal plan. Thanks for your help.