Free Parking on the day you check in to Resort?

We’re staying one night in POP on 11/12, but are planning to go to HS prior to check-in… will we need to pay for parking that day? Or is it possible to do an early check-in (like 8am) just to get the parking pass?


Go to your resort first - even if your room is not ready you will be able to check in and you will get your parking pass.


On several occasions, I’ve gone from MCO straight to a park without the pass. Just flashed my MB.

I’ve never completely bypassed the hotel, but I’ve “checked in” and gotten the parking pass on a number of occasions.

Us too… Always check in or grab parking pass just to be safe. If you check in and room isn’t ready… At least you have everything and go straight to the room when it’s ready… They can text you or you can call for room number :slight_smile:

@Sam2071 I’d heard that was possible, but I wasn’t sure if they validated the MB somehow. Just seemed risky…

@rachaelmac22 and @bswan26 thanks for the info!

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The bands contain your resort reservation/s which can be picked up by a scanner. I’ve used MB’s before and after check-in (in the case that maybe I left my parking pass back in the room) to enter parks. Maybe you can call WDW to ask about this and get a bit more comfortable with that possibility? I like doing it because it gives me more time in the parks and- anyway- there’s no line when I check-in late so that’s a bonus too. Plus, I’m usually crazy excited to get into a park ASAP. I usually have a room request already in the system and (always I think) I’ve gotten the request including occasional upgrades.

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@Sam2071 - The WDW website says to show the parking pass or KTTK to the parking attendant, but I wasn’t sure if just showing the MB would work since anyone can get one. I haven’t stayed on property since the switch to MB, but my guess is they’ll start having scanners there (if they don’t already). Otherwise… the $12.95 for a MB would be a ‘no-brainer’ investment to offset the $17 parking. :smile:

Cool. There you go. No MB needed. Just flash your KTTK…same RFID technology on the card as on the MB. And, yes, anyone can get one but your MB will show that you are checking into a WDW resort on the day you enter the park. Just my two cents. Things change so maybe you won’t have the same experience I’ve had on multiple occassions including this last Summer.

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Did this yesterday btw.

I had luck with a parking attendant last week…told him we were checking in to AoA that afternoon, and asked if we were able to take advantage of complementary parking for the day. I was shocked when he let us in free of charge! Goes to show you never know unless you ask! :smile: