Free parking for resort guests question

We will be staying part of our trip in a Disney Hotel (Poly) and part at an offsite hotel. (Bonnet Creek) How does the free parking work for the onsite portion of our trip? Will they give us a parking pass? (We want to drive to HS while we are staying at Poly)

When you check in your resort hotel, they will give you a parking pass (mine was just an 8-1/2" x 11" sheet of paper printed on a laser printer. More like a receipt, really). You’ll leave it on your dash at the resort, and show it to the toll collectors at each lot. (They barely looked at it, and just waved us through).

Have fun!

Will you be staying offsite before or after your Poly stay? Do you know about the FP glitch? If you are offsite first, your window including your offsite before will open at day 60. If after, the days open one at a time at day 60 ( as long as the glitch lasts)

We are staying at poly first. We are only staying there one night. So 60 days before our check in date we can make fp for check in day and check out day, is that right? Then am I understanding the glitch is then being able to book the rest of our days one day at a time–even though we will be offsite?

Will we be able to use the parking pass the entire length of our stay or just on our check in and check out days at the poly?

Yes! You will have to do the off site days one at a time but the glitch is that they have been opening at day 60! Good luck!

Do you need to check in physically at the hotel to qualify for free parking? Would online check in activate it and if so would that be accepted at the park toll booth? I was hoping to drive straight to park on our first morning, before visiting hotel. Would this be possible or would I have to pay for parking if I did that?