Free FPP for POTC

There’s some adventure puzzle thing you can do that gets you a free FPP for POTC.

Has anyone done it? Is it fun? Easy? Time-consuming? Suitable for adults?

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Yes, it is an interactive map game in Adventureland. Yes, its fun, and for adults. You do 2 map adventures and get the FPP. Each one takes 15 minutes or so. You sign up at a kiosk just past the PoC exit on the walkway to Frontierland


Similar to Agent P game and effects in Epcot but not smartphone driven. There are usually a few groups doing it at a time so sometimes you have to wait a round or two to get the parrot to talk or whatever. I usually enjoy those games as much or more than my kids. 30-45 minutes to complete and you get to notice a lot of cool details that you otherwise walk right past. We haven’t done it in a couple of trips…hmmm…maybe I should add to the plan for 2020 trip

Are the FPP timed or dated? I read in an older thread that you can use them any time, but that sounds doubtful. We have some evening free time in our plan and I was thinking about doing it then and then using the FPP on our second day in the park. Would that work? It sounds to me like I’d rather do this with 2 little kids than wait in the SB line and time wise it probably about the same.

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I’m considering this in June as well especially as my nephew is currently “in” to Pirates apparently. Could be a good way to get a FPP but PoTC usually isn’t to tough to get as a 4th oy more.

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I think it’s called A Pirate’s Adventure, and starts around noon most days. It’s on our TP for our upcoming trip!

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I know the FPP weren’t timed, but I can’t remember if they were dated :thinking:

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My plan would be to do a couple of the adventures and then use the FPP immediately.

I think that’s possible?


They are not time restricted but I don’t think I ever looked to see if they are date restricted. Doing the puzzles is FAR more fun than waiting in the SB line, and burns little kid energy!

It’s only open from noon until 5 or 6.

It’s a lot of fun, all those puzzles are hidden in plain sight but it’s not as easy as you might think. But easier than an escape room.


Thanks for pointing out the limited time!

In the past, they have been old style paper fast passes. They were good til the end of the month in the past. Last year, we had a group of 9 first week in March. We got 8 passes good til the end of March and one that expired Feb 28th (oops!).

Yes, it’s possible. We were able to do exactly that a few months ago. I did the experience for my DS, but I thought it was rather fun myself.

Oh my goodness yes!!

My kids have done them all multiple times.

We don’t do it for the FP, we usually end up gifting them to a family. (That’s the fun part!!)

I just love collecting the maps and cards! Plus it’s a fun adventure!!


Even if you don’t do the whole game, the maps are a really cool free (“free”) souvenier. I always get a couple for my nephew.

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So basically, this is sort of like the Dumbo “while you wait” playground. This would only be worthwhile if doing the two adventures would take you less time than the standby queue when you enter it. Otherwise you are just playing a game while you wait for the standby time.

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