Free fast passes for PoC

Family and I are travleing to DW next week. Is it still possible to earn a fast pass for PoC if you do 2 of the Pirate’s Adventures?

That’s what I’ve read on here fairly recently. Never done it myself, I’ve been able to get same day FPP for PoC

It takes longer to do it I believe than the wait often is for POC and as PP said same day fp easy to get. If you want to do 2 adventures anyway go for it but I don’t think it’s worth doing just to get a FP.

We tried one and it was fun, but harder than expected! We gave up and rode standby (which was still less time than it took for us to do one!). In all fairness, it got easier as we went along and I am sure it would not have taken as long had we done a second one.

We did this in February. You get a FastPass after you complete 2 adventures. It was a fun thing to do while we were waiting for our next scheduled FastPass time and we got a paper FastPass to use later. The Maps and cards were a nice free souvenir. If Adventureland is crowded, it can be a hassle, as you are walking back and forth frequently to the portals.


Yes, we did it in April and received FPPs for completing two adventures. My DS12 loved the adventures–it was something we hadn’t done before.

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I think it depends on who is in your crew to decide if it is worth it. Also, the Pirate’s League is VERY cool esp for the price and turned out to be a great memory for us. We could not do the Pirate’s Adventures afterwards because it was closed. It is not open all day, but our oldest would have loved it. I agree with the advice that if you over there waiting for a FP time even for Splash, it could be a good use of time.