Free Drinks at Tusker House?

I'm sure that this is just a web error, but according to the TP menu page, alcoholic drinks (margaritas, rum drinks, beer) are "Included" with the set menu price. Does this mean we just tell them to put drinks on Len's tab? smile


I've noticed that and some other wonky results with the lines menus. The quality control department needs to spend some time reviewing the menus

You should let @Lentesta know. I saw an email address for this kind of thing but can't remember where....

We're working on this. smile

Thanks @Keithloveswaffles. Did you let anyone on our team know about the other wonkiness? Let me know, please, so I can follow up with them on status.

Oops. Now I feel bad, like I was passively aggressive in identifying errors.

Here's how via Napoli appears for me

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Ah, thanks. Yes, that can be fixed. Let me know if you see anything else.


La Hacienda and Tutto Italia appear the same way for me

Some pricing listed seem "off". Not sure if prices are old or not.