Free Disney+

I haven’t had time to see if this was posted earlier, but I was notified that the Disney+ streaming service will be free for one year to Verizon wireless customers with unlimited data plans. I verified this on the Verizon website.

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It’s a trap!

Nothing is free.

Instead, you get used to having the service for a year, and then can’t imagine giving it up and then end up paying the annually-increasing rate for the service year after year.

Personally, I make it a habit of immediately canceling or rejecting any “free” offerings like this to prevent such things. Free HBO for 3 months? Nope. Not for me. Two editions of Magazine X.for free? Cancel.


(But, then again, if you want Disney+, I mean, then…why not?)

Need Netflix, need Amazon, need Disney+…this is adding up like crazy… :frowning:

Can’t wait to see The Mandalorian though…

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I haven’t seen this addressed, but what if you’ve already subscribed because you’re a D23 member and you prepaid for 3 years. Will your subscription be extended a year? Will you get reimbursed? That’s the type of treatment I’ve seen in similar circumstances with other companies, but can’t find an official response on it.

This article suggests that if you’ve already subscribed, you would get this free year while your D23 purchase is “on hold”. So you’d have the free year, then the paid 3 year subscription.

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All very true. When I read about it last night, it stated that it is free for the first year and then the $6.99 a month goes on your Verizon bill, unless you cancel. Of course, I’m the kind of person that puts a reminder on my calendar to cancel “free trials” before they switch over. I was mostly posting it for those people that were planning on paying for it anyway. I look at this like those stories you hear about drug dealers giving away the first few “tastes” for free, then demanding payment once you’re hooked, just like your statement. As long as you go in knowing the rules of the game, $83.88 can be saved. That’s almost enough for a mid-day magic ticket!

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What’s a magazine?

From back before they had dust-repellent paper…

Yeah, I don’t think it is a big deal to remind yourself a month before to cancel. I’ve done it with great credit card bonuses that waive the first year’s annual fee. I agree it isn’t worth the hassle for a month or two, but for an entire year it is a good offer and I don’t see it as a problem. I have Sprint and get Hulu as a freebie with my account. I purchased the D23 deal so I’m set for three years anyway.

I still read some magazines. Online media just isn’t the same.

Thanks for posting this! Already signed up for the 3 year sub but hoping I can make it a 4 year :crossed_fingers:t2:

Wicked. Thanks!