Free dining with split stay?

Thought I’d try to get some insight here before talking to a Disney CM. I’m guessing this isn’t allowed, but I’m looking to rebook for late July and would get the “recovery deal” free dining. However, we are toying with the idea of a split stay for the sake of optimizing convenient transportation to parks. I know a split stay counts as two separate reservations in MDE, but has anyone gotten a free dining offer to cover both legs of the split stay, or would I have to choose one or the other?

BC would be our main resort, and we were thinking of replacing first 2 nights with Contempo GW to correspond to MK and an Artist Point ADR. But if that makes us lose the free dining for those nights, definitely not worth it.

I would doubt it but it never hurts to ask

Even if they let you make 2 package reservations, you would then have to buy two sets of tickets, probably boosting your cost by more than a few Uber trips.

I would get the free dining for the first part of your stay and add days to your tickets. You will have until midnight of check in of the 2nd stay to use all of your credits. Don’t try to get free dining for the second part of a split stay. Fast passes and tickets get messed up.

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You have until midnight on check out day for the first stay to use your credits surely?

I believe @missoverexcited is correct. The dinning plan is tied to room reservation and not tickets.

I think if you call you might be able to talk them into two recovery room reservations if you explain nicely. There is no guarantee but seeing it’s a recovery it might work. That being said it would be two separate plans with meals and snack expiring between stays.

Check in for your 2nd stay. I edited to make it clearer…and failed :weary:

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I think you just missed out check in.

You are absolutely right! It at first only said check in…I will fix it!

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Thanks for the responses on this. I ended up just booking 6 nights at BC (garden/woods view) to not complicate things any further than they need to be for us, with already so much uncertainty of how things will be running, if even open yet by late July. Looking forward to BC. From what I’ve read, there might be an issue finding open chairs at Stormalong Bay during the summer, but we’ll see.

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