Free Dining strategy or is it Sold Out?

Hi, Trying to firm up our plans for a late November early December trip and saw on the WDW site that there is a free dining offer. We were planning on staying at a value resort for 6 or 7 nights and getting the table service dining plan. We have already purchased no expiry 5 day park hopper passes. 3 adults, 1 6yo.

I see from past threads that it is possible to upgrade to the table service from quick service and just pay the difference if staying at a value resort.

I have checked our dates on the site for room reservations under this package at All Star Music and it is saying not available. I then checked every other resort offered under the deal for our dates and it says not available. Is this a site glitch and I should call to make the reservation or is this for real?

I also checked for rooms at music for the spread of Nov 27- Dec 4 (7 nights) and it gave me availability (not under the package offer, just room alone) but when I changed the spread to Nov27-Dec3 it said there was nothing available.

Trying to get a clear sense of the options we have (not married to staying at AS music - willing to do ASmovies or sports but just looking for best value and it doesn’t appear movies is included in the offer at all. I’m so confused!

Thanks for your help!

See link for dates of free dining.

Also, people jump on free dining, so it is possible that the promotion is already sold out for some dates/resorts… as it is a limited offer.

Keep in mind that if you get the ‘free’ dining offer, you have to pay full rack rate for your hotel. There are a dozen or more threads in this site talking about the value/cost of free dining vs a hotel discount.

So, YMMV, but make sure that the cost of free dining is a benefit to your family based upon the restaurants you want to eat in etc. You may have to be flexible with your dates and hotel if you want to get the free dining promotion.

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In theory, I think you used to be able to check in on the last day and get the offer but that may have changed? I know there is a minimum this year that was longer than past years, but your dates are those “gap dstes”. What would you do with the tickets you already purchased? You have to buy park hopper tickets with the free dining packages and your tickets could not be used?

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The value resorts with free dining filled up fast. Last time I looked (two or three weeks ago) there were limited ones for Deluxe Resorts. Never know, though, when someone will cancel their reservations.

We snagged AKL with free dining plan with an upgrade to Deluxe Dining for a lower price than we paid for our trip last year to ASMu on Deluxe Dining plan, so I thought that was a great deal.


the park hopper tix we bought last year on a special deal for Canadians never expire, so we would just save them for a future trip if it saved us $ overall this time. Just exploring options. Not looking like its going to work for us unless we are lucky enough to catch a cancellation in the next couple of days before the ADR deadline for our arrival date. Thanks!

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I agree you have to look at the numbers. Last Labor Day I was going to book a MVT low rate but I ended up in a one bedroom at Saratoga. We had an extra adult that would be changed in another room, and a lot of dining plans, plus food and wine booths. The free dining deal ended up being the same amount as the MVT deal, with extra space.

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Can’t beat that!

MVT? sorry can’t find that on the abbreviations list.

Magical Vacations Travel

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This Touring Plans blog post will help you understand MVT.


This is another agency with low exclusive rates.


Thanks All - this has helped tremendously!