Free dining/ resort question

For those that are more knowledgeable about free Dining, is Coronado Springs an included resort? We are planning a trip in early December and free Dining would be a nice bonus. I know it is likely to be the quick service plan but even with upgrading I think we would save a lot.

In the past, it has been included.

Good to hear. Would at least like a shot at that free Dining :slight_smile:

The first week of December is typically blacked out though

We’re actually looking at the second week. 12/8-12/14.

That is about when it opens. If you are arriving during blackout you could book two stays and get plan for days you are there.

Previous dates can be found here

I have a free dining bounce back offer booked and your dates are perfect.

Tinker is correct. I just looked at bounce back and it opens 12/7

This is all great to hear! Thanks everyone! Fingers crossed till dates are official!

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I’m bummed that we didn’t get a bounce back offer. Through random family stuff, we visited Disney in November and December of 2017. Neither time did we receive information about a bounce back offer. When we first went to Disney in 2016, there was a handout in our room on the night before we checked out, but we didn’t receive anything like this during our last two trips and I honestly forgot to call and ask them. Do we think Disney isn’t actively promoting these any more?

we just had it for our trip, I think we checked in on the day it ended (23rd). I was surprised because I thought it would be way too close to Christmas for deals and discounts!

I think there is always a bounce back offer but as everything goes “paperless” and other guests take home any paper information in the room, you have to call to get the info. It took my over two hours on the phone to get mine.

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I think mousekeeping isn’t great about restocking these brochures if they’re taken. I visited week after Thanksgiving and the offer was 30% of Deluxe & various villas, 25% off Moderates, and 20% off Values. Certain villas and rooms were excluded (the usual little mermaid rooms, poly bungalows, etc.).
However, I was prepared with the bounce back offer line number I had found on this site, if an offer wasn’t in my room.

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In the many years I have been to WDW resorts I believe we were offered one Bounce Back. Now I am not all that farmilar with the term Bounce Back but I am assuming you are referring to a room discount if you book again in so much time. Poly is the only one where we ever got this offer. Maybe it is because we generally don’t stay at Deluxe resorts.

They are available during any stay it is just sometime you need to call.