Free dining re-book offer

I apologize if this is an easy question, but I haven’t been on here much lately. I just got the email about the free dining offer for those who have to cancel. I wasn’t expecting to get it because we didn’t book a package, just a room only and I thought I had heard it was for packages only. But my email says " This offer is valid only for Guests who previously booked a vacation package or room reservation to stay at a Disney Resort hotel at Walt Disney World Resort for travel dates March 16 to May 31, 2020."

Am I eligible? I don’t want to waste my time calling if I’m not.

You are eligible as long as you book a package with, I believe, a minimum 4 nights.

So I’m DVC with annual passes so booking a package is foreign to me! Am I right that we could apply the value of the park passes to our annual pass renewal? Or assign them to a family member without an AP?

Well, I think with APs, you might want to actually call them to see how they handle it, since you don’t technically need tickets. They still might be able to accommodate you.

But when you say, “I’m DVC,” do you mean you own DVC yourself, or you rented DVC points?

I’m not sure how that works, in either case…further necessitating a call.

I just called this morning because I am an AP holder with a trip that needs re-scheduled. Basically you will have to buy a minimum 2 day base ticket then they will apply that $ amount to your AP renewal. You have to call to do this (FYI, if you call the AP number, there was only a 3 minute wait this morning)
For us, this isn’t a great option because we just renewed our APs in the beginning of March so I would have to spend another $480 now and then it wouldn’t get applied until we renew in 2021. Not even sure we will renew so this isn’t any help to us.
The person I spoke to said they have been getting a lot of complaints about how they are handling AP “recovery” offers so it may change but for now, that’s how it is

You can apply those passes toward annual pass renewal

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@OBNurseNH, did you get the email that you could book this after you cancelled your DVC reservation? I am not interested in booking it but I never got the offer .

I forget how I came to know about it, honestly.

I am also not interested - we don’t take the dining package at this point and “free” but paying rack rate for a room doesn’t work out. We’ll stick with our “free” DVC trip, rescheduled as it may be, and go from there.

Now, if that rescheduled trip doesn’t take I would assume they will make similar accommodations for folks. In that case I might have to take them up on it and try renting my points. Who knows.

I have rescheduled my points to the end of September and are giving them to my son and his girlfriend but I did have an April stay that was cancelled and although others received an email, it is funny not everyone did.

I find their email communication to be very spotty. I have never figured out why I get some things and not others. It’s not direct v. resale because I received an email about a Moonlight Madness last winter for which, as a second-class resale member, I was not eligible.

I guess I consider myself lucky to be a part of so many forums that help to keep me informed regardless

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@ryan1 I am a DVC owner, but my April trip wasn’t booked on points. We booked a cash reservation at Port Orleans because I don’t have any 2020 points available to use right now and I don’t want to borrow. So I’m considering rebooking for September and thought about using the free dining offer.

@DisneyDayDreamin and @OBNurseNH Thanks for the info. My AP expiration is in November so it would be nice if the ticket value could be applied to the renewal. I guess we’re going to have days added to our AP’s as well, so it seems like I may not have to renew in November but I haven’t seen much info about that yet.

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Yes they are going to add to the AP the same number of days for which the parks are/have been closed.

What if you’re not renewing your annual pass? I have one and I booked the recovery deal with 2-day tickets thinking that I could just let them sit in my account until we go in summer of 2021 (because for our next trip we can still use our APs) and then have them apply the price of the tickets to new tickets. Am I right that I can do that?