Free dining plan?

Has Disney announced Free Dining for 2015?

Nothing official yet. Rumor has it there will be an announcement tomorrow.

In case you did not see it- it is up this morning- general public offer.

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Does it require you to get the park-hopper option? I’m pricing things out on the Disney site now and it doesn’t look like I can just choose a base ticket AND get the free dining deal.

Yes. PH or water park option required to qualify for FD.

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Sorry to jump in and ask my own question… I booked our vacation last week and we put the dining plan on, knowing that I’d call back in when they released free dining to have the discount added. I’ve been trying to call for 40 minutes or so this morning and either get a message that circuits are busy or that they are unable to complete my call. I’m kind of freaking out! Is this normal? We’re booked at CSR… do I need to worry about not being able to get the promotion?

It is normal! Some people have the ability to modify their reservation online. Have you tried?

Where would I go online to do that? I tried chat, but they couldn’t help me.

Sorry, in MDE under view your reservations,modify.