Free Dining Plan - Very confused. Send help

I’m so confused with information overload as I was never intending to take up the dining plan but now that my Disney agent has contacted me about it I’m just not sure if its value for money for me so I don’t know if/when the free dining plan is worth taking up, I appreciate any opinions…

Some background - First trip to DW, I’m staying at pop century so I assume the Quick Service Dining plan would be offered. I’m going early September I’m staying 12 nights, I’m going solo. My ADRs are BOG dinner and Trails End buffet dinner.

I had estimated that I would be spending about $550 on all meals for the entire length of my stay (I’ve gone through the menus of where id like to eat and selected what I like and added it up to give me an idea) My agent said I’d need to add on park hopper ticket, which I was planning on doing anyway and that I’d have to upgrade my tickets to the current pricing which has increased since I originally booked my package. So a total of about $150 extra ($80ish for the park price difference).

I’ve told her that is fine and to go ahead if it is offered. BUT now I’ve gone through those menus again and it looks like out of the places I plan on going its really only snacks and drinks that are included on the plan and not any of the entrees. So does anyone think it is worth me paying the extra $80 in the long run for snacks/drinks and the refillable mug? What happens to your credits if you don’t use any for entrees? can you use those on snacks? I cannot work it out as I haven’t done any research on dining plans thinking I’m not going to use it.

Sorry for the long post but look forward to any suggestions.

Ok first if you’re staying at POP all the food in the food court would be included in your plan except maybe the whole pizza. Most quick serve and counter restaurants will accept the dinning plan. You might be able to upgrade to the DDP for a extra cost.

But here is the rub most would say that the Free dinning is not cost effective for one person if you had three or more then it might be worth it.

So you need to do the math. How much the cost is, verse the room only discount.


Right so possibly not the best as I’m solo. I’ve had a look at Pops menu on touring plans website and another and neither have the little dining plan symbol against the entrée items only on snacks/dessert/drinks. I’ve found that on all the places I was planning on going. Am I missing something?

That symbol is only for snack credit, meaning it costs one snack credit. I tried to pull up POP’s menu but was not able so I pulled up AoA’s

Asian Chicken Bowl
Mongolian Stir-Fried Chicken and Broccolli with Jasmine Rice

Vegan Seitan Scramble
Delicious Plant-based Saute of Edamame, Diced Tofu, Chipotle Seitan, Arugula, and Onions

Mussels Marinara $9.49
Chicken Parmesan
Two Baked Chicken Breasts nestled on a bed of Pasta with Marinara and Melted Provolone Cheese. Served with a Breadstick

Jumbo Slice of Pepperoni Pizza
With Caesar Salad and Breadstick

Jumbo Slice of Cheese Pizza
With Caesar Salad and Breadstick

This is only a small sample but you could get any thing with the QS dinning plan

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Ahhhh OK, that changes my thinking slightly. I’ll have to find somewhere that has the entrees that are included on the dining plan somewhere to work out if its worth it for me. Thanks!

The only quick service restaurant that I can think of that would not be included is Sleepy Hollow at Magic Kindgom. They do have some snack items.


We have used the “free” quick service dining plan twice now and were able to eat anything we wanted at any quick service restaurant. I have not found an entree yet at a QS restaurant that was excluded.

That’s not to say it’s the best deal for you, but being limited on choices should not be your worry.

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I do not believe the waffle sandwiches at Sleepy Hollow are included.

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No you can’t get them either with a QS credit or a snack credit, which is annoying!

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Ah, you are right. That slipped my mind because I always think of Sleepy Hollow as more of a snack stand than a restaurant.

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Do you have a room discount? If not and the only cost increase would be the 80 - It sounds like it would be worth it.

You would have 24 quick service meals (which would include an adult drink if you choose) and 24 snacks. If you are only doing two sit down meals - I would just pay for those out of pocket. You can also switch a quick service meal for three snacks - but those snacks would have to be bought at the same time.

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For what it is worth, if you have credits on your meal plan at the end of your trip, you can use them to buy the packaged snacks for gifts to take to friends/family back home. We had quite a few credits left on our trip in 2013 and used them to take back rice crispy mouse ears, mickey and friends shaped cookies, and other treats that traveled easily and were a big hit!


So in general they don’t have the dining plan logo on entrees at quick service locations but most are available on the dining plan??
I think I read somewhere that one qs credit can include a drink, is that right or did I misread?

They do not have a logo. There should be a list of all QS locations and all entrees are included- and a drink. At a resort use your mug and get a bottled water for later.


I don’t have a room discount no. I just kept reading in places that it’s not worth it in the long run so I’m weary.
Ahhh so you can have a drink with the entree, kinda like a combo and not use an extra snack credit? I also just asked that in a separate reply lol

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So it’s about QS locations not QS included entrees. I see, I see. Thank you


OMG I feel stupid for not thinking of this on my own. This is why I joined this group. I was just going to do free ice water at the parks but I could save the bottled water for the room and in the middle of the night.
Thank you for this tip.


It’s great to have something like this to ask these “silly” questions. I have lots of them!


Ask away… we’re glad to answer silly (sounding) questions!

We totally want you to have the best trip possible.

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