Free dining? For fall?

What’s the scoop?? Anyone???

rumor mill has it opening up for Visa on Monday 4/27, gen pub 5/1.
but no specifics with travel dates included or black outs or exclusions.

still all just speculation.

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@DarthDopey does this “sell out” on the first day?

no, but many of the “preferred” rooms/locations might book up. But it’s always hard to tell because many people will put down deposits or put a hold on rooms while they make their decisions. I’ve found availability open up 7 days after the promo opens to the general public because that’s when the Holds expire if people haven’t put a deposit on them yet.

Butting in… Sorry… When the free dining comes out do te room discounts for fall also come out? I’m getting antsy hahaha!!

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On last question… Lol
We are already booked pop preferred… Do you think we are good? At this point I don’t think we will switch resorts. I really like theming and transportation (so I’ve heard) at pop… But QS will be perfect for us. I do have 5 sit downs and the upgrade to TS/QS could be worth while (money wise) but I no longer think we want to do that many sit downs.
Hope I’m making the right choice.

it’s ok. LOL.

Generally there is also a room only discount offered as well. it’s an either/or

You either get the room discount or free dining. with free dining, you’ll pay rack rate for the rooms.

I’d recommend doing the math for your situation to see which works out best for you.

Rack rate would be what my hotel costs me in my package as of now, right?

Rack rate is the cost with no discounts applied.

Thank you!!! We just need that room only discount :wink:

9 nights at pop was like $1200(ish) and value usually get 15%? The cost of QS for the for of us is like… $1200… Dining is so worth it… If I’m assuming correctly

That’s for @DarthDopey :slight_smile: hahaha sounds good to me :wink: take me along for a 9 day trip!!! Sounds great!!!

9 nights for QS with 2 adults, 2 kids is about $1044-ish, but you can upgrade to standard by paying the difference.

Value Resort discount has been 15%-20% the last few promotions.

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Not to step on @DarthDopey’s toes @rachaelmac22 but the RO discounts for fall don’t normally come out until later in the summer. Last year FD was opened up for the rest of the year at the beginning of May but the RO discounts for the fall timeframe weren’t released until late July. Of course last year was the first time they opened up free dining for fall that early so anything could happen lol.


One can only hope right?!?! Thanks @Outer1


They like to keep us on our toes.

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We were planning to rent DVC points but there is no availability for the resorts we want.
Now I’m trying to calculate the cost of booking a “regular” room and taking advantage of either Free Dining or the Room-Only discount. Our preferred travel dates are Thurs 11/12 - Tues 11/17 and we would stay at Wilderness Lodge.
Can anyone assure me that there will be either a RO or FD discount during those dates? And would WL fall into the 30% off RO discount?
Dining would be about $700 for my family (Me, DH, DS4, DD2) so the room discount could possibly be a better deal if it’s 30% off.

I think nobody could “assure” you of anything right now.
It is likely that WL would have availability for any discount coming out, and historically it doesn’t sell out first (if you’re not picky about room type.)
It’s likely there will be a FD discount that usually would include WL.
And historically the RO discount has been around 30-35%, but it seems that the RO discount has diminished a little in recent years as the economy recovered - 10-30% instead of 15-35%, for example.
Also, there are always some “blackout dates”, not all of which follow obvious holidays.
Generally, RO discounts are better for most families than FD (unless you have teenaged boys.)

Thanks! I will have to just wait until one of the discounts is officially announced.

Also, don’t forget to try to stack with Orbitz 15% discount if you do RO!