Free dining - breakfast

Hi all,
I have free dinning in October am whilst I know what I can get for lunch and dinner I've no idea what I can pick for breakfast.

Depends on how big of a meal you like for breakfast. Typically it will cover a buffet or any entree and a drink. Not sure if you were asking what food you can get or suggestions on where to get it lol.

As in at my resort foodcourt what's the limit on what they can give you. Is it on a fixed menu or can you get anything.

Oh lol sorry. You should be able to select any entree and milk, juice, soda, or coffee. Some of the ala carte items like a pastry may count as a snack credit but should be identified that way, and some items will not be part of the program. For example. The exact items will vary by location though and should be easy to identify.

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So when I see something I want like say bacon and pancakes should I ask first if this is included in dinning.

Well if you aren't sure yes, however, you'll probably find an entree listed that has what you're wanting. For example at

The food court menu specifically lists an entree for pancakes with bacon. But also if you notice the price is $6.99 so might be worth considering using your credits elsewhere because often breakfast items are much less expensive. Have you checked out the menu for your resort's foodcourt?

I'm staying at all star music, who's foodcourt will be closed so I'll go over to sports or movies. We have free dinning so the cost didn't bother me but I've just realised if it's a day I'm not doing a TS( and have to pay OOP) then I'd rather pay the cheaper breakfast than a more expensive lunch or dinner CS. Never thought of that.

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Which level of free dining do you have. Most people don't use dining credits for breakfast because it is a waste of the value of the credits.

That being said, I know I have seen people getting a package of cereal and box of milk as a snack credit.

You will have a free mug to get drinks, usually people bring quick eating foods for breakfast in the room.

I have the quick service dinning. It never even occurred to me that the breakfast one would be a waste off a credit. Even if it is free. I have 2-3 days where I have a TS booked. So on those days I'll use a credit for my breakfast/or not

These links have some good details.
Is is liner-approved to post a couple of links? I'm not trying to be DIS-board-ish.

We used counter service credits for breakfast most mornings. My boys are big breakfast eaters, so they wanted the full deal. Many of the breakfast meals are quite big, however, so most families can share. Also, CS credits are all the same so don't waste one on a kid's meal. Ordering the meals (bounty platter is a common name) is a much better deal than ordering something ala carte. And don't forget to get a drink for each credit you're using. For example, I would walk to the POR food court while DH and boys were taking turns in the shower. I'd pick up three meals - a huge make-your-own omelet for me and DH to share and 2 bounty platters with sausage, hashbrowns, and Mickey waffles for the boys. I'd put coffee in my refillable mug and get 3 OJ bottles to go with the credit meals. If we didn't drink all the OJ, we'd store the extra one in the fridge for later.

Oh, I forgot to say, your refillable mug is not counted as the drink if you're using CS credits at your resort. So fill up the mugs with soda or coffee AND get bottles of water, milk or OJ for each credit you want to use.

Did you ask what the fee would be to upgrade to the 1 TS and 1 CS dining plan? if you are already paying to TS OOP you might want to do that instead.

People in my family can never share meals at Disney, I am always surprised when people suggest sharing. Especially at Breakfast, I think there would be a riot if people had to share bacon smile But you are right about not ordering kids meals at QS places.

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I was going to suggest the same thing as @alitig1. Depending on how many people you have, and because you are already planning to pay OOP for 3 TS meals, it may be cheaper or about the same to upgrade to regular DDP (1 snack, 1 QS, 1 TS per person per night). Then you would get a TS meal every day, as well.

I know that I definitely wouldn't use a TS credit per day so it would be a waste I feel. Out of curiosity how much is it to upgrade.

found this:
For 2014, the upgrade cost to go from the Quick Service Disney Dining Plan to the standard Disney Dining Plan is $18.65 per adult and $3.20 per child per night.

The Deluxe Disney Dining Plan upgrade cost from the Quick Service Disney Dining Plan is $67.54 per adult and $13.83 per child per night. Guests at Moderate, Deluxe and Deluxe Villa resorts could upgrade to the Deluxe Disney Dining Plan for $48.89 per adult and $10.63 per child per night.

What 3 TS do you already have? How many in your party?

There is just myself and my bf. we've booked teppan edu, a breakfast at cystral palace and rain Forrest cafe. So to me 19 dollars extra a day it's worth it to me. I'd feel pressured to have to go for a TS

I would be chomping at the bit to upgrade. Are you staying 6 nights or more??

$38 per night to upgrade and you will already be spending a minimum of $250 for those 3 meals without alcohol or deserts.

Then you are free to add more TS if you like or use the credits at QS places like you were planning to do anyways!

We are staying for 7 nights and 8 days. I guess I just don't want the hassle of having to do a sit down meal every day. When we went last year it suited us much more to just grab our food and go. Other than the 3 TS I've booked I've no interest in any other so it would be a waste of money for me.

But it wouldn't be a waste of money because you would have paid off your 3 TS meals by upgrading to the regular dining plan, it wouldn't be in addition to the TS meals cost.

But you have to do what you feel comfortable with. To get back to your original question, when you walk into the food court there are posters in frames or standing boards that explain the items you can get with your dining credits. At breakfast it will be an entree and a drink. At the values there are many different options of meals so pick what looks good, grab a bottled drink for later, and then use your refillable mug while you eat.