Free dining 2019?

Hi! My family is looking at possible times to make a trip to disney over the next year. As we look at possible dates, I am wondering if anyone knows about likelihood of free dining being offered. I know it was offered as a bounce back offer for most dates in summer 2019. Is the free dining window that is typically offered as a discount outside of a bounce back usually the same window of time? In other words, is there a decent chance that free dining will be offered for summer 2019? Thanks for any thoughts!

Free dining is usually offered in the fall, with maybe a few days in August. The dates available, as well as the number of rooms, have been getting fewer. I think there was some kind of dining deal over the summer,but it is not the traditional free dining that has been popular in the fall. The bounce back deal dates are usually different.

They offered free dining in the spring for dates in the summer and fall. I booked back in April, I think. When it’s posted, get it quickly because the rooms go fast. I ended up waiting a week and all I could find were Deluxe rooms.

The bounce back offer is usually has additional days that are not included in the spring bounce back offer. During the summer they have been offering a package that includes one free QS a day.

Here is the historical information on all discounts:

Thanks everyone! I thought it might be different with the opening of Star Wars land in the fall.

That’s not to say that Disney won’t decide to offer it.