Free dining 2018

Free dining is out!


They are reporting on chat it also requires a 6 day PH ticket.

And they decided to exclude CR from the deal, not to mention, only giving a 15% discount on rooms. :frowning: Not the savings I was hoping for but, something is better than nothing.

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It’s a 4 day hopper. I had to upgrade my parents from a 3 day.

Looks like the site is down :frowning:

Why are they reporting 6 days on chat? Is it different for resorts/dates?

Maybe. We are staying at AKL. I got on this morning and it was 4 days. Or travel agent did the booking.

Maybe value resorts is longer?

Perhaps they only had so many at each level/day stay? No they are saying the offer is no longer valid. I heard they were going to be limited this year. Maybe that’s how.

They are now reporting that the 6 day may be a glitch. It is tough to say since the system keeps crashing.

Yeah. That seems to be happening a lot over the last year.

I thought I saw 6 days when I looked at it around 5 am ET. But once I confirmed it didn’t involve my dates I closed the link without crunching any numbers so I can’t say for certain.

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The offer details “suggest” five nights but you can select a range of four nights for the deal. I was able to modify my reservation at 4:20 CST this morning but it took lots of refreshing and it was very glitchy.

The Visa offer suggests 5 nights/6 day MYW packages which makes me think 6 day tickets too.

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Woohoo! Just got the email from our travel agent that our 7 night POP Century stay in August (already booked) qualified for free dining saving us over $800! Yay!


Ditto for us on the six-day we booked months ago. We had previously passed on the dining package. With our POP reservation we got the quick-service plan free, but we upgraded to the standard package for less than $250, less than what three sit-down meals would cost us without the package.

Now I have to go make additional ADRs.:sunglasses:


For those wondering about the conflicting information about length of stay and tickets required.

I have it from 2 different TAs that it’s 4 nights and 4-day tickets.

Both my parents & in laws got their Free Dining with their 4 night stay at AKL. They just had to upgrade from the 3 day park hopper to the 4 day park hopper.

Wow, what dates? When I was just playing around it said I needed 5 nights. I have a December free dining reservation that I booked last September and it is only 3 nights but I was curious about what was available.

Editing to add the link that says the offer must be for 5 nights?