Free Dine Offer: tickets and reservation question

I booked a free dining package (quick service) for Dec. 2018 at Caribbean Beach Resort - Pirate room (2 adults and 1 child (4 yo)) -5 days. I also have a separate reservation with no meal plan for 2 days before because the timing the meal plan takes into effect. So it’s 7 days total -. 5 meal plan days.

  1. Could I not include my child on the reservation and not pay for her tickets (will buy through 3rd party) or meal plan. I think I can get the tickets cheaper and my daughter won’t eat all that food. I’m thinking of upgrading meal plan to regular or deluxe and spreading the credits over the 7 days.

  2. We went last year at the same time so we still have her magic band. Could I get my childs 3rd party tickets applied to her magic band from last year?

  3. How will this affect my ability to use the magical express?

  4. can I still add my daughters third party tickets to my reservations and tickets and book fast passes?

  5. Could Disney help me with this I was nervous about asking.


If your daughter isn’t on the reservation, she can’t use Magical Express. You also can’t use the credits over the full 7 days, only from check in day for the free dining package.

Any ticket linked to MDE will work with any magic band showing as active. You would be able to book FPs for her at 60 days under the umbrella policy.

I wouldn’t advise asking Disney since you’re essentially cheating them by lying about who is on the reservation to save money.

If she isn’t on the reservation, she can’t use DME or EMH. Her band will not work to open room doors. It’s not much to upgrade kid QS dining to the plan with one QS and one TS. That would be cheaper than pay OPP for her meals since the majority of her meal plan is “free”.

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I am going to add if she is not on the reservation, how are you making FPs for her?

Have you check into the new packages? It sounds like you really do not want a free do i f package.

I think the most important thing to note, the way you have your trip set up right now you do not have tickets your first two days. You cannot make FPs until your checkin day for your second stay.

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Good point, I didn’t even think about tickets for the first 2 days.

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