Free Day advice

DH and I are about to be empty nesters. Our son got married in June and his house is finally almost ready, so they are about to launch.

This will be our first solo trip in 22 years!

We are just doing a 2 day park hop, MVMCP, and a park-to-park at Universal.

We have 1.5 days free. We arrive on a Saturday, then have Sunday free. We are going to MVMCP on Tuesday, so have up til 4pm free that day.

What should we explore? We definitely plan to spend a fair amount at DS, our hotel is there, but we’ve only ever seen 4 resorts (PORS, POFQ, Contemp, BC). Should we explore resorts? Ride the monorail loop? Try out the skyliners?

Is it awkward going to the resorts not being a guest there (granted, we weren’t guests at any of the above but PORS and no one looked at us weird, lol).

What do we need to see at WDW?

*Edited to add we are boring and don’t drink :joy:


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Have you considered a water park day? I’m in my mid 40s and still love going to a water park. How about Hoop-Dee-Doo Musical revue? Trader Sam’s for cocktails? The Void at Disney Springs

Nope… People do this all day / every day.

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Woohoo! Mid-40’s club! :joy:

I should have mentioned, we are boring and don’t drink. LOL.

Not a waterpark/water people at all. Hm, maybe we are just boring people period. Ha! :rofl:

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If you like Christmas maybe check out WL before you go to MVMCP (you can take the boat to the MK) or see the gingerbread house at the GF. DS is supposed to be a lot of fun at Christmas time.

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I would do a mono rail food crawl! Make up your own plan… app somewhere then dinner then dessert? Then explore resort! My DH abd I recently started watching pin trading videos… I think it’s a neat way to see resorts while doing something fun. The trackers have a good videos on it.


Happy Free Day! DH and I have gone w/o kids a few times and it’s so great! We usually fill our time at Epcot because we love it there. I would suggest a brunch for your Sunday am - several locations do brunches only on Sunday’s and it’s a great way to visit other resorts. Also a spa visit would be nice if you’re into massages.

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Great ideas, thank you! I’m pretty excited to start our trip off calmly and then have a built in 1/2 day for MVMCP.

We are also doing Universal on Monday, which is only open til 7, so, slow and steady until the madness of Wed/Thurs (HS/Epcot/Park Hop).

I highly vote for AKL if you like animals at all! We went there (with kids, but I would have been happy without too) for Boma but spent an hour and a half before our dinner reservation and didn’t feel weird at all. But if you’re up for a meal there are many options there too. The monorail food crawl sounds like a good idea too.

Your slow build plan sounds very smart to me.

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Great idea. I’ve heard AKL is amazing.

Monorail food and drink crawl sounds fun! This is what I would do if DH and I ever have a day/night alone. I know Disney does this as an organized event but I think we’d just make up our own tour like @Figment20 suggested.

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We always try to explore other resorts, it is a lot of fun! Even though you don’t drink, I still think grabbing a snack at Trader Sam’s at the Poly is a fun experience. You can also watch the MK fireworks and water parade from the beach there. I would definitely also check out the christmas trees and decorations at the wilderness lodge (take a boat there from MK) and at the Grand Floridian. Doing some exploring and animal watching at AK is also very fun. You can also look into renting a boat (little speed boats would be a blast) if the weather is nice. They have them at most if not all the resorts on the lagoon/bay lake. Enjoy!


I would do Christmas decoration tour on the MVMCP day. We are going to follow this touring plan:

On your full day, you can go to Disney Springs in the morning to window shop, food tour, and tour the Christmas Tree Trail. If you have Memory Maker, there is a studio there to get some studio pictures done. There is also a free Christmas Tree Trail. If you want to spend some money for an experience, Amorette’s Cake Decorating:

In the afternoon, you can go to the free culinary food tour somewhere between 3:45 PM and 4:15 PM (Someone who has gone can give a more specific time.) at AKL. It lasts about 30 minutes and you might get some free food. After that, if you don’t want to do a TS, you can go to Saana Lounge and order bread service from them. Then you can return to one of the MK resorts and watch the Electric Water Pageant.

Lots to do.

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Our family just had a mostly-resort trip - we visited AKL and WL and both were great for food and things to look at. I’d especially suggest looking into eating at Geyser Point at WL, we love that place. The bison burger with marionberry sauce and onion straws is terrific.


Jellyrolls is surprisingly fun, even if you don’t drink. We went with our older kids and had a great time. Go early to get a good table and then you can leave by the time the crowd gets a little rowdy, that’s what we did. Then you can go stroll the Boardwalk and see the other entertainers there.

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We are sold!

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Ride the skyliner!

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