FREE Characters in Flight Tickets

I purchased five tickets from groupon for Characters in Flight at Disney Springs for us to use while we were there last month. We tried to use them on our last day and they were closed due to a wind advisory. The tickets expire on May 10, so I would like to give them to someone instead of letting them expire. I will have to give all 5 to the same person because they on a pdf file together. If you can’t use all 5 of them, perhaps you could give one to someone else in line?? I just really hate for them to be wasted. Comment if you want them! First come basis.

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My family and I are headed down on April 22. We would love to use the tickets for Characters in Flight!

Laurie Strickland

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I have a program that can split PDFs apart. If you want to split them up, I can help you do that and then email it back to you.

I would be able to use all 5, if you still have them. THanks!