Free breakfast

On the Disney website it offers one self service meal and one drink per night.
Does this have to be taken before a certain time as it is offered as free breakfast?

Are you talking about the QS dining plan? Two QS meals and two snacks a day?

In the UK if you stay at a value then you don’t get the dining plan during free dining, you just get ‘breakfast’.

@bettysgirl I’ve never looked into it further so I don’t know, I’ve always wondered though. My best guess is that you get 1 QS credit per day. Hopefully someone will know for sure.

I’m hoping we could use it in the park later in the day. As neither of us eat until midday normally. As it is a qs. Just thought they might have a time limit i.e. Use by 11am on it as it’s ‘free breakfast’

Thanks! I did not know that Betty was from the UK. Is there a completely different version of the U.K. Disney website?

I don’t know if it’s completely different, it’s hard to say as we can’t look at the US site!

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Yes you can! Just change the icon at the top left to say United States (English).

Oh! Can I change it to say UK? I am going to have to try!

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You learn something new every day! Not that I need to look at the US site generally but you never know when it would come in handy.

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You do get different info on both sites.

For instance there are some offers for DVC / AP members which I can’t get because I’m in the UK, but if I want to look at them I can switch sites. And of course things like tickets are totally different.

I sometimes switch when I read something and think "ooh, I wonder what that’s about " !

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