FQ Room Request

We have a reservation for FQ in July. We loved our room in Building 2 on our last trip, and I was planning on requesting that building again. It just hit me that we had a garden view last time and only a standard view this time. Building 2 doesn’t have standard, so that is out. I’m thinking of trying for Building 4. Does anyone have any input on that building? Is it loud since it seems close to the transportation and dining?

We’ve stayed in 4, on the top floor. It’s great being so close to the bus, you can take a shortcut to the bus stops without going through the main building. We had 4315, faced southwest, and had a large garden area to look at and be a buffer from the parking lot. It did not seem loud at all, but we were at the parks during the day. One thing to note: the elevator is at the corner of the L where the two wings meet. At the end of a long day, I wished the elevator was in a closer spot.

Thanks for the information. I appreciate it!

We also stayed there, room 4318 which I loved. There’s no noise at all and you are so close to the bus stops! We loved it and requested that room again for our next stay but we ended up being upgraded to river view in building 6. That was really noisy! Not helped by being ground floor with the laminate floors.

Thanks! I took a look at that room. It looks nice! I hope we don’t get a ground floor. I would hate that! We’ve been spoiled by the room request on all our trips, so fingers crossed that it works again.

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I thought I’d hate it more than I did, but that might have been because of our gorgeous view. But it was definitely noisier than a top floor room would have been.

In the back of my mind I think snakes are more likely to get me on a ground floor!

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We really liked Bldg. 4. Middle section same as @missoverexcited. Those rooms are very much like a garden view at standard view price. It was not noisy at all, and close to the Food Court building and the bus stops. I would try for 3rd floor for sure.

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Thanks for the input! That’s what I’m going to request. We have my parents tagging along with a scooter, so it will be nice to be even closer to the bus.