FPs times with JTA - how do you know

How do you plan your TPs and FPS at HS when you don’t have any idea when your time slot for JTA will be?

Once you do JTS, reoptimize using Lines and go from there.

We were able to pick a time from available times when we registered. Last year we were not planning on doing it but the kids changed their mind at the last minute. We had made a reservation for my daughter to do the frozen hair thing and the cast members were very accommodating about finding a time that worked.

I’m assuming we will do it around 4 pm or do it at 8 pm before the dessert party (and go back to our hotel for a break).

Work out when you’d ideally like to do Jedi training, and have a back up time in mind.

It was hard to make a HS plan for exactly that reason. Basically you have to be flexible, but here are some strategies I went with: make FPs for earlier in the day, but not first thing when lines are short anyway. You can always pick a later JT time since I figure that the morning ones fill up first. I made TSM my earliest FP figuring that it was the one that would be impossible to move if we ran into trouble with JT times. I made my FPs and then figured out all the JT times that would work with them, ranking them from most convenient to least, and planned to sign up for a time accordingly. I was lucky to get my first choice (early afternoon).


When we went earlier this year, this was the procedure that I personally followed. I made a personalized TP with all of the attractions that we wanted to do for the day. I put in the dining reservations that I was able to get as well. I then optimized the plan and I used what the software recommended as far as which attractions to get FPPs for. I then wrote out on a separate sheet of paper what times I would be busy with FPPs or ADRs and made sure that would leave me at least 3 JTA possibilities, keeping in mind that we would need to arrive 30 minutes before our show time and need about 10 minutes after as well. That way, I had at least 3 different JTA shows to pick from and could then re-optimize my plans if need be the day of to accommodate the show time we actually got, but I knew that my FPPs and ADRs would not be affected. I hope that makes sense!


Thank you for the great ideas, it really helps!!