FPs for Dec 30

What would be the best use of FPs on Dec 30th?

My plan is to RD Epcot, would like to ride Test Track and Soarin but then mainly tour WS. Leave for a break and then visit MK at around 8pm and stay for midnight fireworks.
Should I book FPs for TT (we’re a family of 4–don’t want to do single rider) and RD Soarin or RD both rides at EP and book FPs for MK?
I would FP Space, Meet Mickey and BTMR at MK but worried about trying to walk around MK. I assume it will be shoulder to shoulder??!
Thanks for any advice!

What you could do is say rope drop Soarin, book a fastpass for TT. As soon as you tap in for TT you could book your remaining two fastpasses for MK.

However I would bear in mind the crowds at MK. To some extent there will be an exodus after the early fireworks, as families with young kids leave. However there will likely be a lot of people also trying to enter too. At 8 I would hope you’d be OK but I wouldn’t leave it much later. Just keep at the back of your mind that there could be a capacity issue.

Good idea to look for day of FPs. I’ll look for historical FP distribution info on the website.