FPs during low crowd levels

Planning a trip during a low crowd level (4 or below).

Regarding FPs:
Staying offsite and making FPs 30 days out…I’m hoping that it shouldn’t be a problem to get good FPs times?

Most tier 2 rides seem to have a relatively short wait…but the tier 1 rides still look like they can back up a little.

Also, does Disney reduce the number of FPPs available based on the crowd level?

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  1. It really depends on your definition of good times (and which rides you’re going for). You probably will not be able to book SDD, FOP, SDMT at all. We booked ours 30 days out for low crowd days last January and we had plenty of times to choose from, but we were not booking any thrill rides and we had a group of 2. I would also make sure to book right at 7 am so you get the best selection.
  2. If you prioritize the tier 1 rides at rd and park close and plan for more relaxing afternoons (or a break) then yes. But even on low crowd days, the people who don’t plan will wait in a lot of long lines.
  3. They reduce capacity on some rides (running fewer cars, operating 1 out of 2 ride tracks, etc). They would have to adjust their fp distribution to allow for this or the standby line wouldn’t ever make progress.

I feel like I don’t really see a striking difference between FPP availability regardless of CL. Most popular stuff still goes fast. All the tricks have worked for me to get same day passes whether I’m in the park on a 4 or a 10.

@Cgerres and I traveled around the same time last year and I used the same strategy when staying off site. Planned to rope drop headliners that I knew I wouldn’t get at 30 days. Planned passes early in the day (first booked window about 30min after opening time) and the racked up 4+ once those were done.


That’s good to know - Like others here, I’ve successfully navigated the parks when CL=10…so should be able to do it with a low CL. it It’s so expensive to stay on-site just to get FPs 30-days early.