FPs at thirty days - strategy

I am going in June and am staying onsite. However, my extended family is going and staying off site. They are are family of 7 and it is much cheaper for them. I want to link our accounts and get FPs together. What is the best strategy for getting FPs at 30 days? I’ve always gotten them at 60. I’m worried we wo’t’ have many options left at 30 days.

My understanding is that, according to Disney’s bridging policy, if your family sets up accounts in MDE and you are linked with them, you can schedule FPs at 60 days, including them, as long as you are part of the group getting FPs. In other words, you have to have the same FPs they do.

I asked about this recently, and this was my take-away. Someone can correct me if I’ve got that wrong.


You’re spot on. It’s the umbrella policy.

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Bridge. Umbrella. Combine the two. It is the tunnel policy. :wink:

(So, not QUITE spot on.)

Well spot on in your description of how it works!

You can also get them for people arriving later than you are. I.E. Most of my famy will arrive the 1st, but some will arrive the 6th. We got everyone’s Fastpasses at 60 days our from the 1st.

What!!! I had not idea! This is the best news. You guys are wonderful I know Liners would help me out. You guys are the best.

We used this policy back in March and those that were linked to my account (I was the one staying onsite) did not need to have same FPP–we didn’t even have FPP in same parks on some days.