FPP's for split days - Advice please

We’re going in mid December and because we’re not doing MVMCP, we’re splitting two days between DHS and MK. On day 1 (party), we start at MK to avoid crowds (CL6) and around 3pm when the partiers will start arriving, we head to DHS to catch Fantasmic, JBJB, and/or Star Wars etc. On day 2 (non-party day), we start at DHS and head to MK after dinner for HEA. On day 2, we’re going to be using all 3 FP’s at DHS (SDD, ToT, RnRC). We’re not great at RDing, so we’re probably looking at TSMM by standby. We’ve ridden Mater’s a bunch of times at DCA so ASS (giggle) is not a huge priority.

We have another morning-of-party-day scheduled for MK later in the trip and are DL veterans.

The question is whether we should book day 1 FP’s for MK morning when it will be lower crowds and then just deal with TSMM via standby on one of the two days or whether we should book day 1 FP’s at DHS evening and tour MK on a CL6 day without any FP’s at all.

You didn’t mention the size of your group, but I’ll offer this:

If you have a small group (4 or less, IMO) you may very well be able to grab a “4th” FP for TSMM as soon as you tap in to your last MK FP. Anytime that evening would be sufficient to beat a long TSMM line.

On the other hand, we won’t know what the demand for TSMM will be until all of TSL opens, though I suspect that it will seem somewhat lower than in years past, given the addition of 2 more TS rides and the 3rd TSMM track.

Basically, I’m saying you’ve got risks to take either way, but, were it me, I’d do MK FPs on day 1.

We are 7 and everyone would want to do TSMM.

Have you tried building a custom touring plan for that day? Make one for MK and HS and see what your estimated waits are. It may make your decision easier.

Also, consider what you want to FPP at MK overall during your time there and evaluate if you want more FPP at HS or MK. It’s going to depend upon what rides are most important either place & what CL it is.

Keep in mind that you can stagger your fast passes ex: 4:05 - 5:05, 4:10 - 5:10, and 4:20 - 5:20. This way you all can ride from 4:20 - 5:05 actual 4:15 - 5:15 with the 5 min early and 10 min late.

Thanks for all the thoughts. CL’s are 6 for MK and 7 for DHS. According to this TSMM won’t have any day of. Of course, that was written before TSL, so who knows?