FPPs — could @ryan1 be right?

@ryan1 has written in the past about his opposition to the whole FPP system. He argues it makes things worse for everyone, while making you think it’s actually great.

At Epcot, I’ve always thought three FPPs are a waste of time. You basically get to choose one good ride (TT, FEA or Soarin’). There’s really almost no need for FPPs to anything else.

This is now true at DHS. Choose one good ride (SDD, TSM, ASS, TOT, RNR). There’s really no need for FPPs to anything else. (Well, ST — but 99% of people avoid it because of motion sickness.)

At AK, I guess you pick one really good ride (FOP or NRJ, though many people will disagree about my characterisation of NRJ) and I guess a couple of other quite good ones: EE, Dinosaur, KRR, and KS if that counts as a ride.

At MK, the three FPP system still makes sense.

Overall, isn’t it just becoming a massive, confusing mess. Which is subject to all kinds of cheating to people in the know.


@ryan is not right. He doesn’t like anything. And we ignore him :wink:


He’s kinda right!

I don’t mind it, I like the idea of knowing I have FPs for three things in advance, it makes me feel better! But there’s a reason the new Star Wars rides won’t have FPs to begin with. And it’s called efficiency.

FP+ improves the experience for those who have FPs for any specific ride, and worsens the experience for anyone in the stand-by line. The stand-by lines increase just by the fact of introducing FP+ for that attraction. And there are several attractions where FP+ was never needed in the first place.


That’s not true.

Case in point: Chocolate.


Not entirely accurate, but close enough. (I argue it makes you think you are getting something when it really balances out to nothing.)

But, as @OBNurseNH said, you can just ignore me if you prefer.

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You know what I am talking about.

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He is right, even at MK the FP system is kind of silly overall because no matter what the same number of bodies will have passed through any given ride throughout a day, but that’s not going to prevent me from trying to make sure I understand how it works and using the system to benefit my plans. Look at Disneyland, they now charge for FP’s through Max Pass, which wouldn’t even be necessary if they hadn’t created the FP system in the first place.


I wish they could run an experiment where they have a day in a park with NO fast passes and all standby lines. Everyone knows this in advance and then we can see data for average wait time and survey people about their experience. AP and casual visitor that just hop in for 4 rides and leave would probably be unhappy. But the one time tourist that perhaps waited 20-40 minutes for everything but still got in 15 rides or so would probably be satisfied. I’m assuming touring plans will capture data for smugglers run with and without fast pass and maybe we can learn something that way. I know I got really frustrated being in line for Buzz before 9am last year on an EMH morning. Right at 9, the fast pass line opened about 9 people in front of me…and we stood there for like 10 minutes going nowhere. What should have been a 10 minute standby line wait turned into a 25 minute wait and ended up being our longest wait of the day!


I feel like all of the people that are really on top of playing with and refreshing for FP’s would be super frustrated by the end of the day. :crazy_face:

He’s right that it’s a mess. But I don’t like his go-back-to-wait-in-line-for-everything.

FPP is IMO a disgusting ride rationing joy-kill. Unnecessary stress 60 days before your visit locking you in.

I loved legacy FP and love the current Max Pass, even with the upcharge. I very much liked the idea of skipping a few lines. Who wouldn’t?


Even though I hate paying 15.00 a day per person for Max pass at Disneyland I think it works better than the 60/30 day out reservation system. I truly find the WDW planning system to be chaotic and stressful. You make your ADRs and decide what park you will be on what day Then wait until your 60 day out to arrive and you can not get any FPs to work with your Park date and/or ADRs UGH!!! Truly do not understand why Disney wants you to make your dinning reservations so far in advance. Why can’t Disney do an ADRs 60 days in advance and 30 days for FPs for onsite guests and 15 day FP for offsite guests. Disney could keep the 15.00 per day, per person for a one day guest and do a flat fee for longer visiting guests.However, maybe it’s just stressful for me since this is only my 5 trip to WDW. I am far from an expert on this subject. Just wanted to chime in with my 2 cents on the subject.


No. You are right. There is no need to book ADRs so far in advance, especially with FPP so far down the line. They probably think you’re more likely to cancel if you book so much and have more time to buy more extras based on what you didn’t get.

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I tend to agree. I use it and use it to the best of the advantage I can. Learn all of the tricks that so many use.

But I hate the at 60 days out you are choosing where and when you will be. And lets not even go there for adrs and those who ho!d multiple until just before hand. (Not that I blame them its a way to work things to your advantage and set up yourself and family up). It just erks me

I once did standby for Peter Pan solo. I was there at rope drop. It took forever because of fast pass. They would let ONE standby go for about 10-15 fastpasses. Then again ONE standby 10-15 fastpasses.

again i understand d the system. But it gets ridiculous.

I am going to Disneyland in October and I am eager to.play with maxpass. I will.re-evaluate my feelings again after that.


Not like chocolate. How scandalous!!!

No, no. I LOVE chocolate. I was giving a counter example to the claim I don’t like anything.

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Yeah sure.

No but seriously I believe you.

I love MaxPass. It is so easy to use and to maximize. You can change your plans on the fly based on what’s available (plus in DLR everything is so close together). And the cost makes it a little more exclusive (sorry-not-sorry).

FPP is a mess and I agree the 60-day system is just too stressful, as are ADRs. You really shouldn’t have to plan out your vacation to the minute 6 months in advance, especially if there’s no guarantee your plans will pan out!

I think they should switch FPP to MaxPass. It’s basically the same system now that MaxPass is electronic, so I can’t imagine it would be that hard for them to do.


My fear about this is that Maxpass is what, $10 per person, per day.

For a two week stay, that’s an extra $560 for the 4 of us. That is a hefty amount on top of the tickets and flights etc. I’m happy to pay something for some of the really popular FPs, but not to pay for every day of the trip.

Happily the idea seems to be that there will still be free FPs, but you’ll be able to buy more, or buy packages of certain FPs, or the right to book further / unlimited FPs. Depending on which options they go with of course. The system may well end up being more like DLP than Maxpass. The downside of that is that some of the really big ticket rides will probably require a paid-for option, unless you’re prepared to ride stand-by.


for those of us who stay off-site (which is most people) it levels the playing field. I’d rather pay the money for Max Pass and no 30/60 stress than needing a campsite, my rental and an alarm clocks months ahead of time. I’ll pay for the convenience of day of.


That’s a good point - at DLR it’s not as much cause you’re generally there fewer days. Oh, and they upped the price to $15/person/day. :grimacing:

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