FPPs and TPs

Gatting seriously frustrated. Spent about 4 hours trying to “fine tune” my TPs for my Nov trip now that I have actual FPP times. Almost every time I optimize, it comes back and tells me that it’s not using “x” FPP because it will result in longer lines. I frequently pick specific times for specific attractions for reasons that are not necessarily a function of trimming 5 minutes off of my total wait time for the day. Is there any way to tell the optimizer “thanks for your opinion, but I want to use the FPPs that I have made”? It makes me feel like when I’m telling MS Word that I don’t want a fekkin’ auto-numbered list, I just want a new paragraph…


I sympathize. I seem to end up just using evaluate instead of optimize.

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I find that because I have zero desire to criss cross the park I had to just stop optimizing. In most cases I was actually able to reduce the overall wait time from the initial optimized version and significantly reduce the walking time. Evaluate doesn’t change the order of anything you’ve entered and is just a lot easier to me.

The same thing is happening to me. It doesn’t want me to use any of my FPs on our AK day but I want to use it for FotLK (would like the better pick of seating) and for KRR (I want to do it later not at the 9am time TP wants me to do it. Very frustrating.

I always start with optimize but then add FPP and move things around. After that, I use evaluate. If you note the times at the bottom, you can see how your wait time, walk time etc changes from the optimized plan. If you like the order you have better, it just may be worth the extra time it adds.

Yeah, I’ve been using evaluate a lot more than optimize. I’ve discovered if I manually slide things into the time slot that matches my FPP, it will use the FPP…

‘Evaluate’ is what you want. Although I’d be curious to see what the Optimizer thinks is a better plan, once you’re done with what you want to do. Send a link to the plan, if you’ve got the time, once it’s done.