My FPP day is fast approaching - how does this work? Is it like ADRs where I scoop up everything for my entire 6 day visit on that first morning at 7am est? Or will I need to wake up early each day for a week (which doesn’t sound right but I have no idea what I’m doing)?

Are you staying onsite? If you are youbcan book for your whole stay. If you are staying off site you book one day at a time.

You log on and go to the FP section. Then it will ask you who you are making the plans for. Finally , you pick the park. You book one attraction at a time. You cannot overlap times so you should write down what times you want for every attraction and then cross off/ adjust your planning sheet each time you book one. You cannot see what you already have when you make your 2nd and 3rd choice. I like to go to the exact time I want and then go to the attraction. If the time is not exactly what I want sometimes refreshing will bring up new times.

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