FPP with rider switch?

Hi - We have a multi-generational trip coming up. I’ll be making fpp reservations soon and need a little help. My youngest child is more afraid of some of the rides we will be seeking fpp reservations for. However the rest of the party want to ride (7 besides my youngest and mostly adults.) In order to stay together, do I get a fpp for my son that doesn’t want to ride tower or terror for example and tell the fpp CM that we want to use rider switch in the fpp lane? Rider Switch won’t work in the regular que for us because it only allows 2 others and our party is so large - is that right? I searched on the disney site and touring for rider switch with fpp and didn’t come up with anything or wasn’t searching for the right words.

Also, I’m making my 60 day fpp selections soon. I emailed Disney support to confirm I would have access. My account only allows me to look out 30 days now and the CM said at 60 days the security lock would be dropped and I would have access. I wanted to confirm this sounded right as I just read someone in the forum got an e-mail from Disney that they could make 60 day fpp reservations and I’ve not received an email like that. btw- a restaurant reservation cm told me I would receive an email from my resort for the BOG fpp but haven’t received that. I know the forum says to try sooner to my trip but thought it was interesting the cm said i should receive an email and wondered if anyone else had.

thanks for your help. trying to get as prepared as possible for first fpp experience.

If you’re in a big group, I would still use rider switch just decide who’s switching first. Keep FP the same.
fP window will open at midnight but calendar will be locked until. No one has gotten FP for BOG for November. Changes may be a brewing.