FPP - Wishes or MSEP?

Which do you think is a better use of FPP MSEP or Wishes? This will be our arrival night. I don’t want to use two FPP because I would like to get some rides in as well. But we love both the parade and fireworks and I would like to try one of these FPP.

Last May, I did FPP for the parade when the fast pass area was in the Hub. I loved it, and it was so nice to just stay where we were for the Fireworks. I am sad the location changed, but I guess there wasn’t much of a hub this year.

Would it be better to use MSEP FPP and just stay by the flagpole for Wishes? We usually watch MSEP in Frontierland. Should we watch it there and book it to the FPP location by Casey’s? This is what we usually do - watching it at Frontierland and then fighting for a space on Main Street.

Right now we have FPP for Wishes, but I just checked and MSEP is available.

Here’s another twist. My DH is uncertain about some work things so isn’t booked on the trip yet - but is hopeful that he would be able to go. Which FPP would be easier to get as a single if he was able to join us?

I am so indecisive this trip…I am still playing with park days for later in the trip. Thanks for any advice!