FPP window in MDE

Our FPP window opens this Sunday and when I look at the MDE app right now, it only allows calendar dates out 30 days. I do have the hotel reservation linked to MDE and it shows in the itinerary. Will the 60 day calendar open at 0700 on Sunday and allow selections past September 8th?

I am hoping that is how it works even with the lodging reservation linked. I don’t want to panic on Sunday morning. I know that in some areas of ADR and other experiences it shows the dates highlighted of our stay, so I thought it would be the same way on FPP, but it isn’t so I am a little nervous. :open_mouth:

Can someone confirm that the calendar will update at 0700 within the 60 day mark or could you see the dates prior (just greyed out)

Thanks in advance


The window will open up for you.

Your tickets are not valid yet for 60 day booking, they are however valid for booking within the next 30 days which is why you can see those days in blue.

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