FPP When Park Hopping

I am planning to be in Epcot for at least a little while on 3 days of our trip. Day 1 I’m planning to do most of Future World with a FPP for Soarin’. Day 2 is mostly World Showcase, but I was planning to get a FPP for Test Track. Day 3 is breakfast at Akershus so I was going to try to get a FPP for FEA. My questions are around days 2 and 3 - both days we will likely be park hopping to a different park later in the day/at night.

  1. Is there a benefit to booking all three FPP vs only one? I was thinking I’d read somewhere that you needed to book three and either let them expire or use them all before booking another, specifically in the parks with tiers?

  2. On Epcot Day 2, we were planning to go to Magic Kingdom that night and do a few things. At what point could I start booking FPP for MK that night? Do I have to be IN the park? Or as soon as we use the FPP for Test Track, can I book one for Magic Kingdom later that night?

Thanks in advance for any help!

If you only need the tier 1 FPP for EP I would just pre book that single FPP. As soon as you scan your pre booked tier 1 at EP you can immediately book you next two at the park you are hopping to. Really you don’t need FPP at EP for anything besides the tier 1 attractions. I would likely book my tier 1 early so you have better choice for your day of FPP at the other park. Another option would be just RD EP and pre book your FPP at your second park.


So if I booked Test Track at, say, 10AM that morning, as soon as we scanned in for TT, I could get on my app and see if I could grab a Meet and Greet for MK that night? That’s what I was hoping to be able to do. We’re going to MK mainly for fireworks (after dinner in Epcot), but were hoping to do a few Meet & Greets too.

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Yep. That’s exactly how it works.

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Thank you very much! I knew we could do that within the same park - just wasn’t sure about a different park!

Thanks again!!!

On your Epcot day 2, remember most of World Showcase doesn’t open until 11. Just FEA, Anna & Elsa, Norway, and the bakery in France open at 9. I think FPP for FEA start at 11, before that is just standby.

I didn’t know that about FEA FPP - I thought they’d start when they open. Good to know. I can probably still make that work though - breakfast isn’t until 9 that morning so if we allow 90 minutes, we could do Anna & Elsa maybe and then FEA.

On day 2, I’ve looked at 2 plans - one starting first thing in the morning, doing TT right away and then doing WS. The other delaying until lunch. We have 11:30 reservations at Via Napoli so I’d thought about starting there, going to Amercia, then working backwards through WS towards Mexico, then doing TT and continuing on around Canada, UK, etc. and finishing up in Japan at Teppan Edo for supper. I kind of like this plan but it allows us to sleep in a bit that day since we’ll have a late night.