FPP+ trouble

I just booked my FPP+ for trip 8/24-8/31.
MDE will not let me book more than one FPP+ at EP on day 1. Same thing at HS day 2. Only 2 at AK on day 3. :confused:
Am I missing something? I thought I was going to be able to choose 3 FPP+ per day at each park. I was able to book 3 at MK for both of the days we will be there (days 5 and 6).
I am a total newbie so TIA for any advice!

For Epcot and HS you can book 1 tier 1 and 2 lower tier passes are you maybe trying to book more than one tier 1 fast pass for those parks? You should also be able to book 3 fastpasses at AK so if you continue to have problems I would call and have a CM help you.

TY, I think my issue is that MDE does not indicate which attractions are tier 1 or tier 2.
I am figuring it out now…duh :slight_smile:
I snagged a FPP for FEA for day 1 at Epcot, we arrive at MCO at 9:30 on our first day so we will be starting our EP tour by noonish.
I chose to FPP Soarin’ for day 2 at EP so I guess we should try for TT at RD.

You might want to consider FP for TT instead of Soaring. TT is outside and will be affected by weather and goes down or starts late at rope drop occasionally. Soaring just opened a new theater (in theory should be moving faster) and is inside so not affected by weather. Now me personally I love Soaring and would FP it over TT everyday but I also would not be heartbroken to miss TT. Many others give a higher priority to TT FP vs Soaring. Also TT has a single rider so that could come into play for you if single rider is an option. Good score on the FEA!

I hope you left a bit of cushion from arrival to your FPP for FEA. I plan 3 hrs MCO touch down to park but that does not take in account flight delays, traffic, etc. I missed one FP last year because I did not leave enough cushion…I thought 3hrs was enough. :disappointed:

My FPP for FEA is at 5:30 so we should be good! I am realizing though that I need to plan on much more time for transit back and forth to lunch reservations at resorts and afternoon naps at FW on other days.
I thought I had my TPs all wrapped up last night before making my FPP selections this morning…ha!

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TY! I will look into snagging a FP for TT for day 2 at EP instead of Soarin’, that def. makes sense for our crew.

This is partially true. Once you pick a Tier 1, the rest are no longer included in you choices, but it does include a statement that says something like “Some experiences are not included because of a prior choice you made. Click here to change that choice.” Clicking there will let you change the Tier 1 choice you made.